Jennifer Sparrow

Independent College Counselor


Juggling those skills

Similar to making a written list of your interests, I suggest you do the same for your skills.

Everyone has different skill sets, some more refined, some yet to be discovered.  And you may have a skill that you don’t even recognize as a skill – but your friends, teachers or parents do.  Definitely, share this list with a few of those people to make sure you haven’t missed some.

Speaking a second or third language is obviously a skill.  Extrapolating what you learned in history class and applying that to science class is a skill.  Being able to kick a ball into the soccer net is definitely a skill.

But being able to organize your friends and go away for a camping weekend is also a skill.  (Assigning who to bring what, cover the safety/security issues, create portable meals, etc.)  Being able to temporarily push your own worries back into a corner when a friend really needs a strong shoulder to lean on is a skill.  Realizing that it might be more efficient to do your homework while waiting for the rush hour traffic to calm down is a skill.

Skills: what do you currently have, at what level are currently and at what level do you strive to reach?

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