Jennifer Sparrow

Independent College Counselor


Skills – juggling, languages or time management.

I am assuming you know what “standing on your soap box” means, right?  Well, just in case, way back when, over in England, you would stand on an actual soap box (think milk crate) and expound on your personal beliefs while on public grounds.  Occasionally, I’ll get on my soap box about a topic.  I’ll try to remember to tell you when I step up. Like now..

Soap box.

So many students have told me that they plan to go to college to develop such and such skills.  No, they already have the beginnings of those skills.  They’re heading off to further develop or refine them.  You can already speak, write and discuss.  High school and any post-secondary education will provide you with the opportunity to improve upon those skills.

Off soap box.  😀


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