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Where it all begins

How can you possibly know where you’d like to go and what to study if you don’t first start with where you are now?  Maybe you’ve had an older sibling go through the college search process and that would help. But you and your sibling are different!  So, put down the college brochures, articles on the top best ones and stop listening to Aunt May telling you where to go.  This is about you.  Start with you.

Turn off your phone, laptop and music.  Or maybe, put on some music that’s good for studying.

Create a new doc: INTERESTS

Left column – please list all the activities/interests you’d done.

Middle – please cite the role you played in that activity or interest.

Right column – please describe the satisfaction you got from that activity.

Example: Reading.

I enjoy reading all kinds of books and generally have 2-3 books going at a time. (One professional, one for fun and sometimes one that I know I should read.)    I am a very active reader – I have missed bus stops and once even a train ride because I was so deep into the book.   I can feel my blood pressure going down, enjoy learning new information or figuring out why a character acted the way she/he did.  (Thank goodness for eReaders as now I can carry multiple books with me!)

Start creating your lists.   When you think your done, go ask your parents or a good friend if you missed an activity.  You probably did!  Take a few days to work on this.

Is there a pattern?  Have you consistently been involved in certain activities?  Anyone suggested you get involved?  Any ones you think will always be a part of your life – and why?

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