Jennifer Sparrow

Independent College Counselor


Boy or Girl Scout?

I was involved in Boy Scouts on the troop and district level for 12 years, primarily with advancement. Scouts – if you have reached the rank of Eagle or your Gold award, follow that same process and intensity and apply it toward the college search process.  Looking for a college takes that amount of effort […]

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Juggling those skills

Similar to making a written list of your interests, I suggest you do the same for your skills. Everyone has different skill sets, some more refined, some yet to be discovered.  And you may have a skill that you don’t even recognize as a skill – but your friends, teachers or parents do.  Definitely, share […]

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Skills – juggling, languages or time management.

I am assuming you know what “standing on your soap box” means, right?  Well, just in case, way back when, over in England, you would stand on an actual soap box (think milk crate) and expound on your personal beliefs while on public grounds.  Occasionally, I’ll get on my soap box about a topic.  I’ll […]

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Where it all begins

How can you possibly know where you’d like to go and what to study if you don’t first start with where you are now?  Maybe you’ve had an older sibling go through the college search process and that would help. But you and your sibling are different!  So, put down the college brochures, articles on […]

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A new adventure

Today, I officially announced my JSS College Counseling business!  I’m so excited to meet students and their parents, to spend time helping them through the process, and not just have 3 minutes standing over table, sharing my knowledge of one particular college. There’s so much more to “what’s the GPA I need to get in?” […]

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