Jennifer Sparrow

Independent College Counselor


The advantage of working with Jennifer is that each student receives personalized attention including regular meetings, follow-through and reminders. By limiting client load to 15 students per grade level, Jennifer ensures that there is plenty of time for each student. Together with Jennifer, each Full Contracted student spends significant time on:

  • Self-assessment of their interests, values, personality skills and abilities;
  • Application of these areas to potential career fields;
  • Identification for what would make a good campus fit;
  • Practice for admission and scholarship interviews and preparation for campus visits;
  • Identification of appropriate essay topics and subsequent review of essays;
  • Developing a detailed timeframe for application requirements and review before submission;
  • Using a personalized “Rank Order” spreadsheet in order to help make a final decision;
  • Interpreting financial aid packages and scholarship offers;
  • And discussing other topics of relevance to each student, like time management or adjusting to living with a roommate, etc.

A 30 minute free consultation is first held to determine fit, expectations and which option Jennifer feels best suits the student’s needs. Contract options are:

Full Contract

This is the traditional, in-depth and long-term approach to college selection.

  • A typical cycle lasts 18 months and Jennifer spends an average of 25 in-person hours per student, which does not include time spent on emails, texting or on the phone.
  • The contract begins as soon as it’s signed and continues through the first year of college.
  • Jennifer limits her client load to around 15 students per grade level in order to give personalized attention.
  • Parents have unlimited access to Jennifer, via email, phone calls or meetings.

Hourly Contract

For high school seniors who have very focused needs, Jennifer offers an hourly contract to a limited number of students. These contracts typically center on essay review or interview techniques but have included other topics.

Workshop Contract

Jennifer offers several workshop options for small group of parents of sophomores who have no intention of hiring an independent college counselor or “lunch and learns” for corporations and community groups. Please contact Jennifer to discuss preferred topics, timing and cost.

Karina S
College of Charleston, Class of 2019
Jennifer, I’m soon to be finishing my first year in college and I wanted to thank you for really helping me throughout the entire college process. I cannot imagine being any place else but Charleston!  My parents attended universities in different countries so I really needed your guidance because my parents and I had no idea what we were doing. You saved us time, energy and additional expenses by knowing which of the many colleges and universities around the United States were a good fit for me and my goals. I’m involved in four different activities and was just elected president of one.  Really, I couldn’t be happier. Thank you, Jennifer, for making the whole college process fun, enjoyable and far less stressful than it could have been!