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What to expect

During the 30-minute (no-charge) meeting with the student and at least one parent, Jennifer evaluates if the full-contract or the hourly appointment is more appropriate for the student. It is possible to change contracts during the 18 month cycle though most do not. This meeting is also to determine if there’s a good working fit between Jennifer and the student.

The main difference between the two is that full-contracts average about 25 hours with Jennifer, covering a range of topics. Parents have an unlimited access to Jennifer via emails and phone calls.  Both students and parents continue to have access through the student’s first year in college.

Students on an hourly contract typically have specific topics they want to discuss. Setting a follow-up appointment is up to the student to make when the work has been completed.  Parents have access but on an hourly basis.  This would be appropriate for a very motivated and self-directed student.

In addition to contracts Jennifer offers:

Parent organized and hosted for Parents-only:

“Wine and Whine About College”

“The 18 Month Timeline: Guiding Your Young Adult”

Parent organized and hosted for Same Grade-level Students-only:

“Essay Writing: Let Your Voice Speak”

“College Fit: What Size Fits you?”